Pause. Breathe. Reflect.

Is it hard to quiet your worries and turn your mind off?

Stress and anxiety can drain our physical and psychological resources, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
I work with people feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future, and trying to better balance school, work, and family life. We work together to build tools for stress, anxiety, managing worries, tension, and self-care. We can carve out time for you to have an outlet from the security of your home through online counseling.

Take this quiz to see how you are coping with stress in your life:

  1. Does it feel like you can’t turn off your mind and stop your negative thoughts or worries?
  2. Do you become overwhelmed and feel like you cannot cope with day to day hassles?
  3. Do you find yourself becoming irritable toward loved ones or over small things that shouldn’t be that big of a deal?
  4. Do you have physical symptoms such as headaches, chest tightness, shortness of breath, muscle tension, or stomach aches/tension?
  5. Do you find yourself thinking of worst case scenarios and thinking negatively about the future?
  6. Do you often feel mentally or physically exhausted and drained?
  7. Do you have trouble falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night?
  8. Does how stressed out your feel get in the away of being productive at work or home?
  9. Do you find yourself avoiding social situations or other things that make you feel stressed?
  10. Are you struggling to concentrate or focus at work or in school?

If you answered yes to any of these 10 questions, you could benefit help with your anxiety/stress level. I provide therapy for anxiety to teens and adults in Glen Mills, PA. Therapy can help you:

  • Learn more effective ways of coping with stress and worry
  • Discover what is triggering your anxiety in your day to day life
  • Better understand how stress is impacting your physical and mental well-being, and your relationships
  • Addressing your physical symptoms and relieve tension
  • Get a good night sleep and stop letting worry keep you up at night
  • Improve your ability to calm your mind
  • Understand and change problematic ways of thinking and patterns of behavior
  • Improve your view of yourself and your ability to cope
  • Feel less overwhelmed and manage your daily life better
  • Improve your focus and ability to stay present in work/school

As part of my training, I have studied mindfulness, which research supports as an effective tool for stress reduction and anxiety management.

Mindful awareness of our experiences helps us to improve the way we cope with troublesome emotions, thoughts and events.

In my practice, I put these ideas into action by incorporating the use of relaxation techniques, education in mindfulness, and a focus on awareness and processing of emotions.

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Amy Schullery, Psy.D. provides therapy for anxiety in Glen Mills, PA, Chadds Ford, Media, Garnet Valley, West Chester and surrounding areas.

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