Counseling for teens 12+, college and graduate students, and early career/young adults in Glen Mills, PA
  • Anxiety, worry, fear
  • School or performance anxiety
  • Problems with peer/family relationships
  • Adjustment to changes (new school, family changes)
  • Adjustment to challenges of college life or grad school
  • Support for parents of teens
  • Post-college and early career transitions
Working with teens

We are faced with some important challenges and struggles during our teen years. Relationships with peers become more important at the same time as we are becoming more independent of our parents and caregivers, and working to develop a clearer sense of who we are and which direction we want to go in life. The encouragement and unconditional support of our loved ones can help us emerge from these years as more confident, secure young adults who have a sense of who we are and how we fit into the world around us. A lack of support during this time can leave us feeling insecure, confused, and lost.

These years are tough for teens and parents alike. It is a challenge for parents to adjust to the ever-changing needs and growing independence of teenage children in today’s world. It may be difficult to communicate. If you are struggling to reach your teen, it does not mean that you are failing as a parent. You need support too to navigate through these trying years and emerge with a stronger relationship with your child as they move on to the next stage in life.

College & Graduate Students

I have worked with many college students in my practice. Research shows that 22% of college students now seek therapy each year. The leading cause is anxiety- over 50% of students report feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, according to the American College Health Association. I work with students to build their motivation to face and engage in challenges, and to develop coping skills for anxiety and the transitions that are part of college life. Through therapy, they learn skills needed to regulate emotions and build resilience.

I also work with other young adults post-college and early career professionals to assist them in the many transitions they face at this time.


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