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Welcome to my practice. If you have found my site, you may be feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or anxious more often than you’d like. Are you struggling to cope with the stress of balancing everything- work, school, parenting, family, or other relationships? Are you trying to adjust to new changes in your life?  

You want to feel happy and more satisfied with life. You want things to feel easier. You don’t want to keep repeating the same old patterns. I work with people struggling with these issues everyday. 

I am a clinical psychologist in Glen Mills, PA with 20 years of experience in the field. I help teens and adults navigate changes they are facing and cope better with stress and anxiety. My clients are students, young adults, professionals, and parents (postpartum and with children of all ages). 

Have you stopped making time for yourself? Therapy provides a place to start making self care a priority. You can access help in the office or right from the comfort of home. I look forward to hearing from you. Please read on below to find out more about how I can help. 

Be well,

Dr. Schullery

Here is some more about the specific types of clients I work with:

Are you a student trying to cope with academic and other demands, choosing and adjusting to college life, or preparing for life after school? There’s a lot of new challenges to adjust to at this time in your life- issues with roommates, friendships, dating, classes, family. You can feel anxious and have trouble coping with all of this. I work with high school, college and older students and young adults. Read more about therapy for students under the Services section above. 

Are you a new parent or parent struggling with the demands of family life? Adjusting to becoming a parent has plenty of challenges. You feel overwhelmed trying to balance it all. I work with parents at all stages, including postpartum moms. This is a specialty I care deeply about. It’s really important to have support in order to navigate these changes successfully. Read more under Services above.

Don’t wait any longer to get help. Reach out today to find out more about my practice or schedule your first session. Congratulations on taking the first step!

You may be experiencing:

  • Not enjoying life the way you want to
  • Irritability toward loved ones
  • Trouble making a decision/change, overthinking things
  • Feeling down or moody for seemingly no reason
  • Worn out and lacking energy to do the things you want
  • Feeling guilty 
  • Not taking care of yourself, being too hard on yourself
  • A desire to be able to speak up more for yourself/set boundaries 

Dr. Schullery helps teens and adults with:

  • Coping skills for managing stress and anxiety
  • Understanding  why you feel/think this way
  • Improving relationships
  • Gaining better control over negative thoughts and worries
  • Being present, improving self care, and having time to work on you

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(610) 635-9641 / 26 Regency Plaza, Glen Mills PA 19342

Serving nearby West Chester, Chadds Ford, Kennett Square, Media, N. Wilmington and surrounding areas

If you are ever in crisis, dial 911. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. Crisis Textline: Text TALK to 741741
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